John Hodge (1837-1895)

Businessman - Philanthropist

John Hodge was one of Lockport’s most prominent citizens. He moved to Lockport in the early 1850’s and joined the Merchant’s Gargling Oil Company. In 1866 Hodge inherited the company and made the tincture a worldwide name.  In 1871, Hodge went on to build the Hodge Opera House at the intersection of Main St. and Market St. in downtown Lockport, which burned down 10 years later, but was rebuilt in the same location. Hodge was on the board of directors for the Home of the Friendless, a home for widows and orphaned children of the Civil War. He purchased and donated the former Washington Hunt mansion to the organization, which went on to become the Wyndham Lawn Home for children. Hodge passed away in 1895 and is buried here in Glenwood Cemetery.