Vietnam War Veterans

SSgt. Robert Eugene Foster


SSgt. Robert Eugene Foster (1928-1966)

On March 9, 1966, Capt. Willard M. Collins, 1Lt. Delbert R. Peterson, and Ssgt. Robert E. Foster were part of the crew of an AC47 , named the Puff, sent on a combat mission over the A Shau Valley in Thua Thien Province, South Vietnam. They were engaged in an effort to save a Special Forces firebase from being overrun by enemy troops.

During the mission, the Puff was hit by enemy fire and crashed. After impact, three of the crew were rescued. According to these men, Foster was holding off enemy troops when the last attempt to rescue him failed. Of the three who were not rescued, Foster and Collins were declared Killed in Action and Peterson was declared Missing in Action. This suggests that at least Foster and Peterson, and perhaps all three, were alive at the time of the last futile rescue attempt.